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DEMO machines come from our Demo Room and are originally new machines used only for demonstrations.
USED machines are taken back from customers who purchased new equipment from our Company.

Before sale, all equipment is checked, reconditioned and supplied with a variable warranty depending on the type of machine.

CS 405 Wiedenbach black inkjet printer, Demo machine
With original packaging.
Included in the price Maintenance set

6 month warranty

CS 405

Wiedenbach pigment inkjet printer
With original packaging. Included in the price Maintenance set

3 month warranty.

CS 407

Electro-pneumatic stripping and crimping for pre-insulated ferrules of 4, 6, 10mm2 (tools excluded)

With original packaging,
6 month warranty.(...)

MC 40L

DEMO Machine.

Fully programmable StripCrimp 200 most suitable for high precision stripping and subsequent crimping of side- or rear-feed terminals for wires between 30 - 12 AWG (0.05 – 4.00 mm˛). Maximum stripping lenght 15 mm and crimping (...)

StripCrimp 200

Schleuniger's most versatile stripping machine, the UniStrip 2600 can process many unique applications and wire & cable types, including discrete wire from 0.03 mm˛ up to 16 mm˛ (6 - 32 AWG), power cords (even multiple-conductors with different(...)

US 2600

fully electrical wire stacker for cables and wires produced by every kind of cut and strip machines (except for Schleuniger ES9300)

demo machines (1 available)
with original packaging.
12 months warranty.

delivery: 2 weeks from (...)

WS 600

Electro-pneumatic stacker with motorized belt used for the collection of cables processed by a cutting or cutting and stripping machine.

(2 pcs available)<(...)

WS 700