Low Pressure Overmolding


The extensive use of microelectronics in the automotive and electronics industries, in particular the miniaturization and modularization of components, gives rise to the need to pay special attention to protection of the single parts.
The reason for using a special protection dedicated to electrical and electronic parts (LEDs, relays, switches, integrated circuits, etc...) is to be able to defend them from humidity, dust and mechanical shocks to be able to guarantee prolonged operation .

To make these protections it is possible to use injections of PVC or standard POLYAMIDES, but the high pressures (greater than 300 bar) used in these processes can damage the more sensitive components.

HOT MELT co-moulding technology offers an alternative for small, medium and large quantity processing. This technology uses low pressures (typically 10-40 bar), which also allow the use of aluminum or steel moulds.
The injection inside the mold is carried out by special valves which control the speed, time and pressure of the resin to be injected.
The materials used in HOT MELT have good adhesion on many materials, do not generate gas, are resistant to water, oils and detergents and are overprintable.

There are only a few thermoplastics used in melting units that have characteristics that depend on the needs of the molding project and the related technical specifications.

Mecatronic is not only a supplier of overmolding machines but is also able to offer a real design and prototyping service for co-molded products with HOT MELT technology.

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